Filming at Henley Road Cemetery  – updated Wednesday 17th July 2019

Filming at Henley Road was agreed on the basis that this is a reputable and  experienced production company which is highly sensitive of the day to day operation of the cemetery. Following discussions held in advance, it was agreed that all filming would be outside of opening hours, which means there is zero impact on any visitor or any activity. People can access all graves and chapel services will go on as usual. Filming is additionally only focussed on a small area of the cemetery and only silhouettes of headstones would be used.

Filming started on Tuesday 16 July for three nights. It was also a requirement of the Council that the company writes to all local residents and addresses any concerns raised, which they have done.

Along with other Berkshire councils, Reading works in partnership with Berkshire Film Office to increase access for the film industry, which in turn brings economic benefits to the town by raising its profile nationally and internationally. Reading Town Hall was recently used a filming location for Midsomer Murders for example and we know that the film director is looking to identify further locations in Reading.

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