Saplings in Palmer Parkstatement added 20 November 2019

Palmer park sapling

Unfortunately these saplings were cleared in a recent routine clearance of undergrowth by our maintenance team. Regrettably, the whips were untagged and not clearly visible amongst nettles and brambles when the area was being maintained.

The Council respects and values the work of volunteers and we apologise to the community volunteers involved in the planting of the saplings for this unfortunate occurrence. The Council is committed to working with volunteer groups in planting trees in viable locations to increase canopy cover.

To put the situation right, we are planning to replace the cleared saplings by planting a selection of larger trees in a suitable location within Palmer Park, which will have a far greater chance of reaching maturity, with a particular focus on trees that support wildlife and increase the diversity of species present in the park.

Over the last decade we have planted over 1,895 new trees across the borough and we look forward to continuing to work with volunteer groups to further increase our tree numbers in the future.


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