Unique Service Helps Residents Live Independent Lives

READING Borough Council is proud to announce its continued support for a local charity that delivers bespoke aids for the elderly and disabled.

Remap Berkshire, which is a local branch of a national charity, supports people to stay well and independent.

Remap volunteers support people with disabilities to live independent and fulfilling lives by finding innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

Where commercially available equipment cannot be identified to meet an individual’s needs, Remap will adapt existing equipment or design and build new equipment and gadgets that provide a complete solution. That solution is bespoke and free of charge to the user.

The Council has for a number of years provided the charity with most of its funding and has agreed to extend it for next year.

With its modest running costs, Remap represents a value for money service that helps people to stay in their own homes. By promoting wellbeing, the service helps generate longer term savings for both the Council and the NHS.

Cllr Rachel Eden, Lead Member for Adult Social Care, said: “I am a massive fan of the outstanding work provided by Remap and I’m delighted we can continue to support the charity’s running costs. I can think of no better example of a charity that provides such an excellent value for money service for the modest amount we provide.

“We know that the service Remap offers demonstrates very high levels of customer satisfaction. The Remap volunteers are making a real impact on improving people’s lives with solutions that are tailored to person’s specific needs.  This in turn helps us achieve our priority of promoting wellbeing, as the service helps reduce the risk of people’s care needs increasing, helps them stay in their own homes and enables them to continue living fulfilling lives. This in turn saves both the Council and the NHS money in the longer term.”

Robert Monk, Chair of Remap Berkshire, said: “We are very pleased that the Council has once again recognised the value of what we do and we invite Reading residents to come to us to make an item of equipment to overcome some difficulty they have in their everyday lives, however simple.”

If people in Berkshire would like help from Remap, or would like to consider volunteering, then please contact Robert Monk on 077 90 127 123, or email BerksRemap@gmail.com  or visit  http://berkshire.remap.org.uk

Examples of solutions developed by Remap include:

  • Adapting a motorised chair controller for a man with limited movement due to a deteriorating neurological condition, who struggled to use push buttons on his recliner chair. Remap developed a joystick the man could easily move to adjust his backrest.
  • Creating a frame to enable a keen sewer to continue her sewing and tapestry hobby one handed following a stroke.
  • Giving a lady with Parkinson’s back her dignity by customising an over chair table to allow her easier access when eating and carrying out other seated activities.
  • Creating a dual seat / step with optional spring loaded castors to help a double amputee’s mobility in the kitchen. The lady uses the wheeled seat to glide around the kitchen when using her feet to manipulate items, and as a step to reach higher items in the cupboards by disengaging the wheels.

For more information on Remap, visit http://berkshire.remap.org.uk  and www.remap.org.uk

Victoria Nickless

For media enquiries about this release email victoria.nickless@reading.gov.uk or call 0118 937 3957