Floodlights Soon Shining at Palmer Park Sports Stadium

WORK is scheduled to finish on the new Palmer Park Sports Stadium floodlights this Friday, meaning cycling and other sporting activities can continue into the evenings.

The first phase in a series of significant improvements, including the new floodlights, is now almost complete.

The new lights will be working in good time for the shorter winter months where lighting is necessary for clubs to continue with evening sessions.

A major benefit of the new lights is that they allow for bespoke levels of light to be set for specific activities.

Following the discovery of a structural fault on a floodlight in April this year, all floodlights were removed as a safety precaution. These have now been replaced as part of the package of renovations to improve the stadium for both cycling and athletics.

A second phase of improvements is also in the pipeline. The current cycle safety fencing at the stadium’s velodrome needs to be renewed. A contractor has just been chosen, with meetings to discuss project timescales set for early October.

Elsewhere in Palmer Park, the electrical power supply around the three Astro-turf football courts is being replaced. As part of this work, the team are also taking the opportunity to combine work on re-siting the Astro-turf lighting columns and to make the lamp fittings more energy efficient, as well as repairing and servicing all three courts. The new arrangement will allow one court at a time to be illuminated.

The laying of new cables will involve the removal and replacement of four trees that were planted as screens around the court.

This work is scheduled to take place from 3rd October and will mean the courts will be closed for 3 weeks. All regular users have been informed.

Paul Gittings, Reading’s Lead Councillor for Sport, said: “I’m delighted that we’ve completed the first phase of improvements to Palmer Park Sports Stadium. We want to encourage our residents to be as active as possible and the provision of good quality, readily accessible sports facilities underpins this ambition.”


Notes for Editors:

British Cycling have offered to fund the estimated £130,000 replacement cost of the Palmer Park velodrome fencing bringing it up to British Cycling revised standards.

This is a Sport England capital fund managed by British Cycling as part of the National Governing Body’s 2013-17 Whole Sport Plan.

As part of the proposed funding agreement, the council have set aside £220,000 in match funding for improvements to the velodrome and stadium lighting, making a total potential investment of £350,000 over the next few months. As well as match funding, the council will also enter into a 10 year agreement to ensure track cycling continues at Palmer Park velodrome.


Victoria Nickless

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