Dick Taylor

IT is with great sadness that Reading Borough Council has learned of the passing of long-standing senior officer Dick Taylor, aged 75.

Dick Taylor was a Local Government lawyer and solicitor who worked at Reading Borough Council for over 30 years. In that time he held the posts of Deputy Town Clerk and Head of Legal Services, before finally retiring in 2004.

Dick began his career in Reading as Principal Solicitor to Harry Tee, a former Chief Executive of the Council. He worked with and supported six Chief Executives and five Council Leaders in his time at Reading. He was Acting Chief Executive himself on two occasions, as well as Acting Director of Housing in the mid 1980’s.

Dick was also Reading Borough Council’s Returning Officer over many years, overseeing the smooth running of both General and Local Elections in the town. He continued to support his two successors as Returning Officers in elections and counts in Reading long after his retirement, up to as recently as 2018.

Dick was widely acknowledged as a professional local government officer. He knew Reading, the Council and its Councillors and he set high standards of conduct and commitment in everything he did. He regularly provided invaluable advice, guidance and support to the Council, Councillors and colleagues who knew him and worked with him.

Dick Taylor passed away in October following a period of illness. He is survived by his wife Sue and his three sons.

Oscar Mortali

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