£9m Of Residential Road Improvements In Reading Begin In October

WORK to resurface hundreds of residential roads in Reading will begin on 2 October, with roads in the first phase of the scheme revealed today.

Reading Borough Council is committing £9m to road and footway improvement work, which will see up to a third of Reading’s roads completely resurfaced.

The first 63 roads to be improved under the scheme will be completed by the end of March 2021. Hundreds more roads across Reading will benefit from surfacing improvements taking place over the next three years in response to residents’ calls for better roads.

A Citizens Panel survey conducted by the Council in November 2018 revealed that over 50% of respondents listed ‘better roads and pavements’ as top of their lists for improvements, and the Council has responded with the biggest programme of resurfacing it has ever undertaken.

The £9m investment from Reading Borough Council is focused on residential side roads, and will complement additional resurfacing work funded by the Department of Transport on major arterial routes throughout the Borough.

Reading Borough Council is hoping that from March, dependent on social distancing rules, it will be able to operate a new and novel engagement programme. This will allow local residents to find out more about the programme on selected roads by meeting the team doing the resurfacing, learning how the process works and discovering how this fits into the wider scheme of road improvements across the borough.

Cllr Tony Page, Reading Borough Council’s Lead Member for Strategic Environment, Planning and Transport, said:

The views of our residents are of paramount importance to us, and something that came through clearly from them was a desire for better roads in the town. Despite challenging times economically, we are delighted to reveal that tens of thousands of our residents, in hundreds of streets and across all wards, will benefit from our £9m residential road improvement scheme which begins on 2 October”.

The first phase of the road improvement scheme will be undertaken by our contractor Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd. Advance notice boards will go up on the roads to be resurfaced and residents will receive a letter 2-3 days before the work is carried out. Roads will be closed between 8am and 5pm for the improvements to safely take place, with cars needing to vacate the roads in advance. Any parked vehicles will be liable for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and will be removed. After a 1-2 week period when the roads will seem rough and gravelly whilst they are left to settle, the roads will be closed again so the contractor can return to sweep the road and paint the road markings on the new surface, leaving smooth new residential road surfaces across the borough.

The roads to be resurfaced in the first phase of the scheme (October 2020 – March 2021), listed by ward, are:

Ward                           Road

Abbey                          Newport Road

Abbey                          Sackville Street

Abbey                          Princes Street

Abbey                          Lynmouth Road

Abbey                          Baker Street (Russell St-Prospect St)

Abbey/Park                 Sun Street

Battle                           Elm Lodge Avenue

Battle                           Sherwood Street

Battle                           Alma Street

Battle                           Dorset Street

Battle                           Belmont Road

Battle                           Cambridge Street

Battle                           Cannon Street

Caversham                  Paddock Road

Caversham                  Piggotts Road

Caversham                  Wolsey Road

Caversham                  Hemdean Rise

Caversham                  The Slopes

Caversham                  Falkland Road

Caversham                  Hemdean Hill

Church                         Barnsdale Road

Church                         Modbury Gardens

Church                        Poplar Gardens

Church                         Hollydale Close

Church                        Torrington Road

Church                         Wentworth Avenue

Katesgrove                  Elgar Road South

Katesgrove                  Canterbury Road

Katesgrove                  Edgehill Street

Katesgrove                  Clent Road

Kentwood                    Cranbourne Gardens

Kentwood                    Hartslock Way

Mapledurham              Upper Warren Avenue

Minster                        Brownlow Road

Minster                        Brunswick Street

Minster                        Boston Avenue

Minster                        Castle Crescent

Minster                        Westcote Road

Norcot                         Taff Way

Norcot / Southcote /

Tilehurst                      New Lane Hill

Norcot/Battle               Waverley Road

Park                             Grange Avenue

Park                             Pitcroft Avenue

Park                             Manchester Road

Park                             Norris Road

Park                             St Edwards Road

Peppard                      Eric Avenue

Peppard                      Cavendish Road

Peppard/Thames        Chiltern Road

Redlands                     Addington Road

Redlands                     Denmark Road

Southcote                    Southcote Lane

Southcote                    Circuit Lane

Thames                       Haldane Road

Thames                       Newlands Avenue

Thames                       Peppard Road (Service Road in front of 13 to 45)

Tilehurst                      Corwen Road

Tilehurst                      Crescent Road

Tilehurst                      Elmstone Drive

Whitley                        Vernon Crescent

Whitley                        Chagford Road

Whitley                        Honiton Road

Whitley                        Swallowfield Drive


John Phillips

For media enquiries about this release email john.phillips@reading.gov.uk or call 0118 9372 333